BrightShelf® Light Shelves

BrightShelf® is an exclusive new light shelf system from Hunter Douglas that improves daylighting performance. A patented ogee curve reflects light at varying angles to distribute light further and more evenly into the space, and delivering more glare-free natural light than any other fixed light shelves on the market.

Key Features
  • New integrated bracket available, designed to incorporate RB 500 roller shade components to offer a unique "all in one" sun control solution
  • New integrated bracket enables multiple operator solutions including, chain, crank and motorized roller shade systems
  • Integrated brackets can be retro-fit to existing BrightShelf installations
  • Lightweight construction can attach to virtually any window system, while its unique rotational clip mechanism enables users to easily access the shelf and the daylighting window for cleaning
  • Curved profile creates a more efficient and accurate distribution of light, allowing for deeper penetration of glare-free natural daylight
  • Prefabricated units are quick and easy to install in single sections or continuous runs
  • Highly reflective surface directs more light into space
  • BrightShelf's relatively thin profile gives dimension and character to the design of the interior space