Aluminum Horizontal Blinds

Select from 16 individual models, including 5/8", 1", and 2" aluminum slats with up to 95% recycled aluminum content. Four headrail options -- CD, CL, CE, and H2 -- support both manual operators with slip-clutch tilters, as well as full motorization that can be automated with advanced sun-tracking controls.

Projects with this Product
CD HEADRAIL (1-3/8" x 1-3/8")
ModelSlat SizeLadder Spacing
CD601" x .006"20mm
CD621" x .006"22mm
CD801" x .008"20mm
CD821" x .008"22mm
CD881" x .008"18mm*
* with de-Light™
CD 1" blinds' beveled steel headrail eliminates the need for a separate valance. MODEL PAGE 
CL HEADRAIL (1" x 1")
ModelSlat SizeLadder Spacing
CL621" x .006"22mm
CL821" x .008"22mm
CHM825/8" x .008"12mm
CX801" x .008"20mm
CL 1" blinds are often specified as the industry standard. MODEL PAGE 
CE HEADRAIL (1" x 1½")
ModelSlat SizeLadder Spacing
CE601" x .006"20mm
CE611" x .006"22mm
CE801" x .008"20mm
CE811" x .008"22mm
CE 1” blinds feature a heavy-duty headrail, ideal for larger installations. MODEL PAGE 
H2 HEADRAIL (1½" x 2¼")
ModelSlat SizeLadder Spacing
H2002" x .008"42mm
H2822" x .008"42mm*
H2TN2" x .008"42mm**
* with de-Light™
** School Blind
Retro 2" blinds with sturdy low-profile headrails, featuring the H2TN School Blind. MODEL PAGE