Roller Shades FR

Effective and attractive, our contract FR roller shades offer hundreds of fabric choices, mounted on durable, powerful operating systems. They are a versatile and reliable choice to manage light and control glare for a wide range of manual and motorized applications.

Key Features
  • Chain-drive clutch operating system allows precise control to help ensure a uniform look
  • Over 200 FR fabrics including E Screen with KoolBlack™ Technology, and Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM fabrics - GreenScreen® Revive™ and GreenScreen® Eco.
  • A variety of fascia options
  • Versatile range of motors and controls
  • Whisper Motors operate shades at sound levels equivalent to office conversation
  • Dual shades add versatility to any space by allowing two different styles of fabrics to be used on the same window
  • Backed by our Lifetime Guarantee

Product Details

manual continuous loop with clutch, electric motorization 

more than 30 fabrics & over 250 colors, all FR * Openness factors: 0% to 23%

12" to 144" (manual, varies by fabric), 30" to 144" (motorized, varies by fabric) †

 12" to 120" (manual), 12" to 144" (motorized, may have visible seam) †

 color-coordinated trims, fascia, top and bottom covers, motorization, 4 clutch sizes, sealed pocket hem bar, dual shades, banded shades, extruded pockets, reverse roll.

* Passes NFPA 701 Small Scale Flammability testing.
† Larger sizes available; surcharges and warranty exclusions apply.