Roller Shades FR

Effective and attractive, our contract FR roller shades offer hundreds of fabric choices, mounted on durable, powerful operating systems. They are a versatile and reliable choice to manage light and control glare for a wide range of manual and motorized applications.

NOTE: Color and fabric images are for illustration only. For accurate specification, please request product samples.
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0% Openness Factor


Avila Twilight

Edessa Twilight




SheerWeave 7000

SheerWeave 7100

1% Openness Factor

E Screen 7501

GlacierScreen HD2001

GreenScreen® Evolve™ HD3501

GreenScreen Revive HD2501

SheerWeave 2701

SheerWeave 2500

SheerWeave 4800

SheerWeave 4901


2% Openness Factor


3% Openness Factor

E Screen 7503

E Screen 7703 with KoolBlack Technology

GlacierScreen HD1003

GlacierScreen HD2003

GreenScreen® Evolve™ HD3503

M Screen 8503

SheerWeave 2410

SheerWeave 2703

SheerWeave 4400

SheerWeave 4600

SheerWeave 4650

SheerWeave 4903

T Screen 9703 with KoolBlack Technology

T Screen Classic

T Screen Fusion

SheerWeave Infinity2™ 3%

4% Openness Factor

GlacierScreen® Platinum™

Star 2115

5% Openness Factor (* Sheerweave 5000 colors range 5%-10% openness)

E Screen 7505

E Screen 7705 with KoolBlack Technology

GlacierScreen HD1005

GreenScreen® Evolve™ HD3505

GreenScreen® Reflect™

GreenScreen Revive HD2505

M Screen 8505

M Screen Deco

SheerWeave 2000

SheerWeave 2390

SheerWeave 2705

SheerWeave 4000

SheerWeave 4500

SheerWeave 4550

SheerWeave 5000*

SheerWeave Infinity2™ 5%

T Screen 9705 with KoolBlack Technology

10% Openness Factor

E Screen 7510

GlacierScreen HD1010

GreenScreen® Evolve™ HD3510

New Orleans

SheerWeave 2100

SheerWeave 2360

SheerWeave 2710

SheerWeave 4100


14% Openness Factor

A Screen

SheerWeave 3000

25% Openness Factor

SheerWeave 1000